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From:Monday, January 23, 2017 6:33 PM +0200
Subject:FirstClass® 16 now available 

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to let everyone know that today (April 29, 2016) we begin shipping the first of the FirstClass 16 updates. These updates will be made available over the next few days and should arrive via your FirstClass Updates container.

FirstClass® Server (FCS)

New Features:

Batch Admin command
Act on certain items found in a specified container, such as pre-addressed and unsent message(s) and mailbox rule(s).

Multiple Archive Services Gateways
  • Allows for sites who are in need to set up multiple archive gateways.  Perfect for larger sites who may encounter bottlenecks.
New Desktop Clients can write/edit HTML content.
  • This is a fix for sites who have reported 1008 read only errors when users preferences have been modified (saved as HTML) with FirstClass Web Services (FCWS) or FirstClass GO (FCGO).
Container limit warnings
  • Diagnostic to report on any containers approaching or at maximum capacity.
Calendar Attendance Exceptions
  • In repeating events the way a change to a single event is handled has been improved.
NOTE: requires FirstClass Desktop Client (FCC), FirstClass Internet Services (FCIS), FCWS, FirstClass Sync Services (FCSS)

Enhanced Password Security
  • Added additional graduated password restrictions
  • Admin can now configure the number of failed login attempts on a per user group basis (to a maximum of 30)
  • Admin can now configure the syntax provided to users about the system's password policies.
NOTE: These features require FirstClass Client 16.

Enhanced Message Delivery
  • Unsend now works on a message that was deleted by the recipient.
  • Removed the limit on the number of addresses a message can have.
  • Unsend can now use the search index parentage to unsend mail that has been moved by user or a rule.
Changes how the MTA queues and delivers messages.
  • A pool of tasks that will deliver any type of message with different priorities (Urgent, Regular, Bulk ...).
NOTE: This feature requires some additional configuration of the FirstClass Server. Please refer to the FirstClass Server 16 release notes for additional information.

Group Global Mail Lists
  • Added the ability to address messages to a user group.  Requires FirstClass Client 16.
Index Scan Tuning
  • Added the ability to adjust the 'friendliness' of indexing.
NOTE: For additional information, please review the release notes.

Index Stop Words.
  • Stop words are words common in any language.  When commonly used words are removed from the index, the server can focus on the important words instead, while reducing the amount of storage required to hold the extra data.
Stop Words:
  • Determinators: the; a; an; another
  • Coordinating conjunctions: for; an; nor; but; or; yet; so
  • Prepositions: in; under; towards; before
NOTE: For more information, setup or configuration please refer to the release notes that will accompany the software.

Desktop Client

New Features:

Mac Retina Support
  • Added support for high resolution displays.
Integrated Toolbar into window titlebar on OS X Yosemite and newer.

FirstClass Desktop Client is now uses 64-bit binaries for Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems.

New sparse look for forms and toolbars.


New Features:

Mac Retina Display Support
  • Added support for high resolution displays
New sparse look for forms and toolbars

Create new and convert existing custom forms to HTML to use with FirstClass Web Services (FCWS)
  • Allows for the conversion and/or creation of HTML forms for user with FirstClass Web Services 16 and later.  
NOTE: For more information, please refer to the FirstClass Designer 16 release notes.


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