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From:Tuesday, March 3, 2015 2:04 AM +0200
Subject:FirstClass Server 12.1 Now Available 

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we have begun shipping FirstClass® 12.1 Server. You should be receiving it via your FC Updates Container over the next while.

Included in this update:

Core Server* updater
Release Notes
Installation Guide

*Please note we suggest that you update your Internet Services to version 12.1 PRIOR to updating your FirstClass Server in order for specific calendar fix to work as expected. If doing both updates at the same time, this should not cause any issues.

We also wish to note that if you are running
FirstClass Archive Services, we recommend that you update it prior to the core server, so that you can take advantage of a number of new features, including large file transfers (listed below).

Further, this FirstClass Server version is certified to run as an update to FirstClass Archive Server.


This release of the FirstClass Server requires a 64-bit (x64) operating system.
This release of the FirstClass Server should be administered with a FirstClass® Client version 12.014 (or better). Please note that some of the new features require a 12.1 client and/or new forms, or FCWS 12.1

New Features

Assignable Calendar Tasks - The ability to assign tasks to other users.
File Locking - Allows for published FirstClass Documents to be edited over multiple sessions - Prevents others from being able to edit via the client or WebDAV
Large 64-Bit File Support - Added the ability to upload and download large files..
Licensing - Archive Server Licence Enforcement
Mail Delivery - Reporting of MTA tasks to include currently active and peak usage.
RSS Feeds - RSS feeds will run in its own task to prevent the server start from being delayed
Search - numerous improvements to Search and indexing.
Voting - Ability to "Like" or "Rate" items.
WebDAV - Generate WebDAV URL links that the FCWS client to use

and more...

NOTE: For additional information about these features and more, please refer to the Release Notes document that will accompany this product.



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