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Open Text FirstClass® for Windows System Requirements

FirstClass 10.0 Core Server Hardware Requirements

The FirstClass 10 core server makes significantly more use of both memory and processors than 9.x and earlier servers.  The largest user of this by far is the new index searching found in 10.0, but other core features are also making more use of memory and processors.  Operating system differences are no longer so significant in comparison, so hardware requirements are fairly consistent across all OS platforms.

Quick Summary
As you will see below, the increased core server requirements in FirstClass 10.0 are not only for high-capacity sites, but are mostly driven by the size of the FCNS content size.  However, larger sites under significant load should choose to make use of an 8-processor configuration.

Minimum Hardware Requirements (suitable for smaller installations with small FCNS content):
dual-processor 64-bit (2 CPUs, in any configuration, e.g. a single dual-core)
4GB RAM (smaller FCNS content stores, up to 250GB)

Typical Hardware Requirements (most sites):
quad-processor 64-bit (4 CPUs, in any configuration) or more
4GB RAM (sites with FCNS not exceeding 250GB content store, more would be even better)
8GB RAM (sites with FCNS exceeding 250GB content store, more would be even better)

Recommended Hardware, Especially for Larger Sites
8 processors (64-bit) or more (in any configuration)
16GB RAM or more (depending on the size of the FCNS)

Operating Systems Supported (Tested)
Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Server 2003 R2 x64, Windows Server 2008 x64, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64


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