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Senos FirstClass kliento programos versijos
Senos FirstClass kliento programos versijos
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Form FirstClass® Client 16.116 for macOS Beta Coordinator,FirstClass Updates 20M2019/10/26 4:25 AM
Form FirstClass® Client 16.115 for macOS Release Coordinator,FirstClass Updates 20M2019/3/30 4:12 AM
Form FirstClass® Client 16.115 for Windows Release Coordinator,FirstClass Updates 44M2019/3/30 4:12 AM
Form FirstClass® Client 16.109 for MAC OS Release Coordinator,FirstClass Updates 21M2018/9/20 4:59 AM
Form FirstClass® Client 16.108 for OSX Release Coordinator,FirstClass Updates 21M2018/6/5 4:16 AM
Form FirstClass® Client 16.108 for Windows Release Coordinator,FirstClass Updates 44M2018/6/5 4:16 AM
ConfItem Lietuviška sąsaja programai FirstClass Client 16.0 Arvydas Matuzonis 1.2M2016/8/6 11:42 AM
Message Junk: FirstClass GO For Windows Mobile "Ian Archibald" <> 136K2014/9/26 12:05 AM
Message FirstClass® Client 10.014 US for Linux Release Coordinator,FirstClass Online 20M2012/7/4 4:11 PM
Form Doc FirstClass Mobile on Your iPhone™, iPod touch®, or iPad® Introducing FirstClass Mobile for iPhone, iPhone™ and iPod to 1K2011/10/11 9:19 PM
ConfItem FirstClass ir OTSW kliento programa operacijų sistemoms Android™ Arvydas Matuzonis 343K2011/9/12 10:57 AM
Message Configuring the iPhone for Active Sync (Calendar & Contacts) Arvydas Matuzonis,Agora2000 396K2011/1/25 7:05 AM
Message Win FirstClass Personal 9.1 Build 611 Release Coordinator,FirstClass Online 4.9M2009/2/9 3:42 PM
Message Japanese client 8.326 (Win and Mac) Sandi Sintnicolaas,FirstClass Online 20M2008/7/22 9:29 AM
Message Mac FirstClass Client 8.102 (paskutinis Mac OS) Release Coordinator,FirstClass Online 5M2008/2/13 5:38 PM
Message FirstClass® Client 8.326 SP Installer (paskutinis Windows'98) Release Coordinator,FirstClass Online 10M2007/5/15 4:25 PM
MessageFwd: Log out sounds Leif Jaederfeldt,Centrinity Se 1.7M2006/2/24 8:00 PM
Message Fwd: Login sounds Leif Jaederfeldt,Centrinity Se 1.8M2006/2/24 7:59 PM
Message Fwd: Mail sounds Leif Jaederfeldt,Centrinity Se 8.8M2006/2/24 7:59 PM
Message Mac OS X FirstClass Personal 8.0 Build 231 Release Coordinator,FirstClass Online 1.9M2005/7/8 9:19 AM

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